Test kit name foodproof® Entrobacteriaceae plus Cronobacter Detection Kits (Cat. No. R310 15.1 or R 302 15.1), combined with reagent D (Cat. No. A500 02) and foodproof® StarPrep One Kit (Cat. No. S 400 07) or foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit IV (Cat. No. S 400 15) for DNA extratction
Supplier - manufacturer BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH
Analyte Enterobacteriaceae; Cronobacter spp.
Matrices Environmental samples, Ingredients, Probiotics containing products, Infant formula and infant cereals
Reference method ISO 21528-1:2017, ISO 22964:2017
Certificate number 2007LR08091920
First approval date 06-07-2010
Expiry date 05-07-2026
Status Valid
Certificate issued by LRQA Nederland B.V.
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