Test kit name MALDI Biotyper® complete solution for the confirmation of Salmonella spp.
Supplier - manufacturer Bruker Daltonik GmbH
Analyte Salmonella spp.
Reference method ISO 6579-1 (2017), ISO 6579-2 (2017)
Scope Confirmation of Salmonella spp. from colonies isolated on XLD, BGA, Chromogenics based on C8-esterase activity detection (RAPID' Salmonella, Brillance™ Salmonella, ASAP®) and any non-selective nutrient agars
Library or Database MALDI Biotyper Reference Library 6903 (version 2016) or higher versions
Certificate number 2017LR73
First approval date 12-02-2018
Expiry date 11-02-2022
Status Valid
Certificate issued by Lloyd's Register Nederland B.V.
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